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Laparoscopic surgery:
Radical prostatectomy, radical nephrectomy, partial nephrectomy, pyeloplasty are performed with the latest technology equipment and 3D imaging.

Surgical Lights

TURis prostatectomy:
Transurethral prostatectomy with the most modern equipment
Transurethral removal of bladder tumors:
Transurethral papilloma removal

Doctor with Files

Ureteroscopic lithotripsy (URS):
Endoscopic removal of ureteral stones using a semi-flexible ureteroscope.
Flexible ureteronephroscopy - lithotripsy (RIRS):
Endoscopic removal of renal pelvic stones using a flexible ureteroscope

Operation Room

Nephrolithotripsy (PCNL)
Percutaneous removal of pelvic renal stones when flexible nephroscopy is not possible.
Extracorporeal lithotripsy
Placement of urethral stent (pig tail)

Image by Olga Guryanova

Microsurgical plastic varicose vein repair
Plastic varicose vein repair is performed using a special microscope.
Plastic hydrocele repair

Doctor with Computer

Prostate biopsy
Flexible Cystoscopy
Shock Waves for the Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction

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